Freeing Returns™

The B2B Marketplace for Store Returns

Freeing Returns™

The B2B Marketplace for Store Returns

Retailer Overview

Stop Fraudulent Returns

We can stop fraudulent returns at the moment they are happening by detecting problems at the point of return.

Reward Your Loyal Customers

Freeing Returns™ allows you to offer “personalized returns” to your most loyal customers. Our platform will give your customers a unique experience when returning merchandise. Global returns policies stay enforce so that you can personally reward customers for their loyalty through hassle-free returns processing.

Measure Risk

Our SAAS/PAAS Platform calculates a Returns Score on each customer, which predicts their probability to commit returns fraud. Contact us about our Returns as a Service (RAAS ™) feature.

Improve Customer Experience

Use Freeing Returns™ to simplify and streamline the returns process by making it more customer-centric.

B2B Marketplace for Returns Management Applications (RMAs)

Freeing Returns™ pre-integrates the most innovative Returns Management Applications with leading Point of Sales (POS) systems. We are the MIDDLEware between the POS and the RMA!

What do we offer

An easy way to return purchase items without the hassle!

Return Everywhere

Return items to your local store through the iPhone and Android applications. No more forms, no more lines, just time saved!

Return Securely

Freeing returns™ protects you as a customer against fraud. Returns will post to pre-authorized cards on your account, preventing criminals from exploiting your old receipts.

Pre-Schedule Your Return

Use your phone to process your return and then book your drop-off time with the store. Your return is pre-scheduled and you skip the lines to drop off your items or schedule to have them picked up from a location you designate.

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Why Choose Us?

About Us

The B2B Marketplace for Store Returns

Our Team has decades of experience in the world of retail technology, security, and payments. Freeing Returns™ is built on this experience to be a secure and effective solution to the many issues associated with returns. Our team currently sits on advisory boards for the International Retailers User Group(IRUG) for EMV/Payments, POS Evolution, and Omni-Channel, a well as the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) Loss Prevention advisory board.

Our parent company Lillii RNB is a Retail IT Product and Services company specializing on the Point of Sale. Founded in February 2013 by Barbara Jones, we work with some of the largest retailers in the world, enabling them to customize, modify and enhance their POS systems.

Freeing Returns™ has won numerous honors, including “Best in Show” at the ATDC Fintech Hackathon, runner-up of the 2016 TAG Innovation Award, an ATDC Accelerate Company, and, most recently, accepted into the LaunchPad2x Program for female entrepreneurs.

Our Investors

Morgan Stanley The Pax Angels

Featured In

1863 Ventures Ascend Atlanta Atlanta Tech Village Miami WINLAB - Babson College EnrichHER
Launchpad2x OHUB RILA Innovation Award Finalist 2017 Venture Atlanta

Management Team

Barbara Jones


Calm Mattier


Maurice McFarlane

Director of Product Development

Advisor Board

Ernie Deyle

Bernie Dixon

Susan O'Dwyer

Mike Ross

Rodney Sampson

Adam T. Smith

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Contact Info

Atlanta, GA

Phone: (404) 860-1312

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